My Favorite Lip Products

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Hello! So, I’m planning to do a huge appreciation post of all the beauty products I love, but I thought it would be appropriate to start with my lip products. For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with lip products. There are photos dating back to when I was four years old and sporting sparkly pink lips, which I’m pretty sure came from this cheap barbie makeup kit that can’t have been very good quality.

Recently I went through a major cleanse and chucked a lot of them in an effort to really streamline my makeup. These are the products I’ve been using the most. As you can tell, I’m very into nude pinks; specifically, this kind of dusted rose shade. I think it goes well with my skin color, which is tan with yellow undertones.

  • Burberry’s Liquid Lip Velvet in Dark Rosewood : Okay, I’ve basically told this story a hundred times to all my friends but the pleasure of telling it has yet to fade. This semester I interned at ELLE Magazine, which was located at Columbus Circle. Basically, where a huge Sephora was. I spent every Friday after work there at the Burberry stall, literally pulling my hair over whether I should buy this Liquid Lipstick. I convinced myself not to each time because it was 32 bucks and I had already ‘fallen off the wagon’ when I bought that $33 Dior Lip Sugar Scrub (more on that later). Long story short, I ended up bagging it for free when ELLE had a beauty sale, AND in the exact color I wanted! You guys, its *so* good. It’s the creamiest lipstick I’ve ever applied, and incredibly long lasting. I wore it last night and drank beer and ate nachos and then went clubbing – and the whole time, it stayed on. The color too, is this perfect dusky rose – subtle, but bold enough to make a statement. Honestly, I think it’s quite a seductive color and it gives me a lot of confidence when I put it on.
  •  Glossier Balm Dotcom: Now, I know that Vaseline is the most obvious dupe for these small, $12 lip moisturizers – so I can only say that these beauties are my guilty pleasures. I completely relied on these this past winter in New York, when my face, hands and even eyes were stinging from the bitter cold. They are intensely hydrating, moisturizing and very thick, so it feels like there is protective barrier on your lips. My favorite one is the coconut balm dotcom. I also like to use them on my eyelids and even cheekbones if I want to go for that overall glossy look – although I don’t often because my face gets shiny easily.


  • Glossier Clear Lip Gloss: Again, this Vitamin E infused lip gloss hits all the points that makes Glossier so great – it’s thick, it’s hydrating and it’s moisturizing. I definitely went through a lip gloss period when I was a kid, only to become very adverse to it in my late teens. I have really big lips and looking back at my photos, especially in the many ones where I’m pouting, it honestly looks like someone smacked a big glittery pink butt in the middle of my face. I’m happy to say that this clear lip gloss makes my lips look more appealing; soft and plump rather than screaming for attention. It’s not sticky, it’s not gluey and definitely not glittery.
  • Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub: This has got to be one of my favorite purchases ever. It’s a lip exfoliator that has grains of sugar, so it feels amazing when I apply it on my lips. It also has a light *millennial pink* tint which instantly made my lips look very rosy and healthy. I started using this in place of a lipstick and now I’m nearly done with it. I convinced my mom to buy her own and used hers for my pictures. I also bought Dior’s Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver so that I could layer the two over one another. The Glow lipstick is a little too shiny and lip gloss like for my taste, but it is 100% because I have this bad habit of applying lipstick multiple times throughout the day. No wonder I eat my lipsticks up so quickly.


  • I’m very fond of my Elf Runway Ready Lip Palette. If I’m being honest, this semester I went through a period of only buying high-end make up products because, well, the more expensive, the better the quality! Just kidding, I’ve learnt it’s not necessarily true… anyway, this was an impulse purchase that quickly became the only product I used for months. I’ve almost hit the pan in two of the colors, as you can see. For 8 bucks, this is so worth it. It’s insanely moisturizing and it leaves my lips feeling soft and lush like a baby’s butt. It also smells and tastes amazing, because it contains Grape Seed Oil, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter. It was with this lip palette that I started experimenting with layering different colors, and it was more fun and interesting than applying one boring old lipstick.


  • I’ve had mixed feelings about this Pixi Lip Palette. I heard really good reviews about it but when I tried swatching mine, it was incredibly dry and hard to stir up pigment. In fact, I’m partly convinced that I was sent a fluke. That said, I found that if I apply moisturizer as a base coat first and then use that same finger on the lip palette, it moistens and softens the pigment, allowing me to extract more. The colors are really warm and vivid and I like to use it to blot around the edges of my lips, creating a soft and blurred look.

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