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Hello hello! This is my overdue start at keeping a proper blog after years of numerous attempts. I was pretty active on one during middle school (on a blog called mermaidhaire, which I appear to have restricted access to and have now forgotten the password for it). But I mean to have a go at this. I don’t know what I aim for this to be yet; I don’t know whether I mean to publicize this and network through it, or whether it’s meant to be an online diary with restricted access. Probably not the latter. I think those days are over, and I do have a physical journal for that. Maybe I’ll just sort of let it exist out here in space, and let everybody and anybody stumble upon it. 

Putting it quite simply: I thought it would be a good idea to create a platform where I can talk about things that inspire me. It’s happening at a critical juncture in my life, where things feel so relentlessly busy that it sometimes sucks the creativity and inspiration out of me. I want to crystallize the things that I care about, which is why starting this blog is part of a wider goal in getting that little kick back in me: writing a novel this Summer is also part of it, as well as completely redecorating my teenage bedroom back home. But I won’t speak too much of it now, until I actually do it. 

One thing: why did I choose the title ‘Lilac Relic’? The reason is actually quite whimsical and totally, maddeningly me in hindsight. I am obsessed with the Mitford Sisters, who were these six beautiful daughters of an English aristocrat in the early 20th century. They were enchantingly captivating, huge forces of nature, and they caused a lot of scandal in the 1930s because they grew up to be, in this order; a Novelist, a Fascist, a Communist, a Hitler-Lover, and a Duchess. The other day I was listening to a BBC podcast from the 1980s with the youngest Mitford sister, Duchess Debo Devonshire, and she mentioned that, decades after the war, a journalist once described her as a ‘lilac relic.’ She laughed it off with amusement but the phrase stuck with me: something glorious left from the past, at once nostalgic and held sacred. Relating it back to me, I have all my life, felt like I am always chasing after the most fleeting memories, through objects that contain such memories. So here’s to this blog, and my attempt at immortalizing the things I love, and the memories I want to remember forever. 


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